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Cheesy Top Trumps?

Letter: Hello Tom, I’ve been playing Top Trumps since the 1970s and still played it today with my young daughters. As a massive cheese lover I wondered if there was a Top Trumps Cheese game, where we could compare the likes of “smelliness” and “strength”. My wife and I would love it if this existed as would many fellow cheese-afficianados.

Thanks very much, Gary

Answer: Hi Gary,

Thanks for writing in – very happy to hear that you’ve been playing since the 1970s and have passed on your love of Top Trumps to your daughters!

I’m afraid that Cheese Top Trumps have never been made, and, although we are also partial to our cheese in Top Trumps Towers, we won’t be releasing any Cheese Top Trumps at this time. We thought very Caerphilly about the idea, and while it’s clearly a grate one, it might brie a bit mature for some of our younger Top Trumps fans. However, we hope this doesn’t leave you feeling blue, wanting to give us a good grilling, or thinking “how dairy say that!” – I imagine you’re quite a mild-mannered person.

Thanks once again for the suggestion, and I hope you and your family continue to enjoy our games!

Kind regards,


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