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Fruit & Veg Top Trumps

Fruit & Veg Top Trumps

I Know Why It’s Yum, Mum! is a social business, run by Natasha Gavin, on a mission to get kids excited about edible plants.  The Rainbow Fairy wants children to LOVE eating their greens, and to understand WHY they need to- for their own benefit, not just to keep their parents happy!

This limited edition full set of Top Trumps cards is all about the nutritional benefits of fruit, veg, cereals and seeds, top tips on how to prepare them, includes 5 special character cards and beautiful photography of mostly allotment grown produce. Packs will be given to primary schools the company visits, with their entertaining yet educational show Dr FREG and the Fruit & Veg Mysteries, and magical Rainbow Workshops!

See www.iknowwhyitsyummum.com for more information.  GUESS WHAT! If your primary school books a visit because you have told them about us, you will receive your own personal pack of these limited edition cards too, as a thank you! Get in touch…

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