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Game of Crowns Top Trumps

Game of Crowns Top Trumps

New real life Game of Thrones inspired Top Trumps sees Royals, Politicians and celebs battling it out for keys to Kingdom in Game of Crowns Top Trumps!

In the pack Ed ‘Kill-iband’ trumps David Cameron to gain the keys to the Kingdom in a scenario that a Game of Thrones character would KILL for and Ed Miliband would certainly cherish.

The deck imagines what a Dis-United Kingdom might be like as the rich, famous and powerful compete for the nation’s hearts – but far more importantly the kingdoms throne.

And the deck sees the noble ruthless houses celebrated in the hit TV series replaced by three competing houses of real life Royals, politicians and celebs from the Duchess of Cambridge to Nigel Farage to Katie Price.

This limited edition pack will be available to pre-order from the Winning Moves Shop, so don’t miss out!

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