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How many cards in a pack?

Letter: Hi Tom, I bought the Spider Sense Spider-man pack and was confused to find only 29 cards; I looked around my house searching for the missing one until I realised it was meant to be this way.

So was there meant to be 30 and if not, why not? 



Answer: Hi Stu,

Thanks for your email. Generally, there are always 30 cards in a pack of Top Trumps. However, in very rare circumstances, we are unable to come up with a full deck of 30 cards so release a pack with 28 or 29 cards instead. This is usually down to an entertainment partner being unable to provide us with enough character images to make the full 30. We usually fill this “space” with a collectible exclusive card, usually a Supercard from another deck.

After rigorous playtesting we realised that the game was still as playable as if there were the full 30 – although I recommend that if you’ve got an odd number of cards, you take it in turns to be dealer so that you alternate who gets 15 cards and who gets 14!

Kind regards,




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