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Educational Resources

Educational Resources

Through partnership with TES Resources, lots of teachers are sharing their amazing Top Trumps resources online. You can access the entire collection, for both primary and secondary teaching here. TES Maths adviser Craig Barton has also gathered together his favourite Top Trumps resources for secondary maths. Why not try them with your pupils and tell us what you think!

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NCB national childrens bureau report

Camouflage Learning

As well as being great fun and as popular as ever with primary school children, parents and teachers also love Top Trumps as it delivers a range of educational benefits through ‘camouflaged learning’.  The National Children’s Bureau (The NCB) carried out some research on the National Schools Top Trumps Tournament and found that Top Trumps does help children improve their basic numeracy and literacy, as well as help them gain and deepen their knowledge on the subject matter covered in the pack. Click here to read a summary of the report.


Wastebuster educational program science


Wastebuster are proud to be working with the Pod, EDF Energy and the British Science Association to inspire young people’s interest in science and engineering and increase access to science resources through positive environmental action – helping people find positive ways to deal with the things they no longer need that can benefit everyone.

Science into schools is designed to help teachers educate young people about waste and also to inspire them to get interested in science and engineering. It is a way for schools to get access to a wide range of free resources and equipment that can be used in a class room or in Science or Eco clubs.

Schools can exchange unwanted textiles for new science equipment. Schools can book as many collections as they like; run as a regular campaign, schools can either choose to spend points as they collect them or save them up for a bigger reward. Children in participating schools can also win a pack of Wastebuster Top Trumps by recycling socks into their own Busta! www.wastebuster.co.uk

What are you waiting for – sign up to Science into Schools today!