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Thanks Top Trumps!

Letter: Hi Tom I just thought i’d drop you a line and say how much we owe to the wonderful world of Top Trumps my nephew is 8 and has autism he has recently started playing Top Trumps with me and his brother and it has brought on his numbers and reading leaps and bounds. He absolutely loves it and loves the competitive nature of the game and finding out new things.

We have 68 packs so far and he loves every one from sharks and sky scrapers to smurfs and muppets and everything in between! Thanks Top Trumps keep up the good work! Jen

Answer: Hi Jen,

Thanks for your kind comments. It’s always nice to hear such news about our beloved game. I’m glad it’s coming in useful for education, and that we have a new fan.

Keep us posted on the favourites, and best wishes to you all.

With kind regards,


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