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Top Trumps tips

Letter: Hi Tom, what advice would you give when playing a game of Top Trumps? Thanks so much! Lauren.

Answer: Hi Lauren,

The best bit of advice I can give you to make you into a Top Trumps champion is to play lots of games and learn the cards! The better you know the topic of the cards, the better chance you’ll have of picking the right stat for the right card. Make sure you read each card’s biography as very often this will give you a good clue as to whether the card in your hand is very strong, or very high, or very fast, or scores lots of goals or whatever else the pack is about!

If your opponent is down to just a few cards, and you’re very clever, you may be able to work out what those cards are. You might know that she has a Tyrannosaurus Rex card (because you don’t have it yourself) so you might want to avoid playing Killer Rating for the next couple of hands because the T-Rex is top dino for that stat, whereas there are plenty of dinosaurs that trump the T-Rex on the Age stat.

But there’s no guaranteed way of winning – that’s the beauty of Top Trumps, even a supposedly weak card has a chance against a supposedly strong one! But while practice may not make you perfect, it will certainly help make you into a champ.

Good luck and have fun!

Kind regards,


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