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Welcome to the Top Trumps Universe. The Universe is a fun, safe environment where kids can play games and discover random facts about the world around them. We want parents to have peace of mind about their children playing in the Top Trumps Universe, so here are some frequently asked questions by parents. If you have any questions that are not answered here, head over to our contact page and send us an email or letter.

What is the Top Trumps Universe?
The Top Trumps Universe is made up of 3 worlds that relate to all of the Top Trumps packs. The World of Wonder is about nature and the world around us, The World of Champions centres on the world of sports, and The World of Stars and Heroes has some of our favourite faces and characters from TV and entertainment. The World of Wonder is free to play now.  The World of Champions will launch on 1 May and The World of Stars and Heroes will launch on 21 May.

What happens in each World?
Within each world, children are free to move their character around to access different challenges, quizzes, mini-games and play Top Trumps online. Each game and challenge earns stars. The aim is to earn all 17 stars in each world.   Top Trumps games are worth 7 stars and have 7 levels to complete (1 star per level completed). Mini-games are worth 3 stars, with varying degrees of difficulty to earn each star. Challenges are easy wins that earn 1 star. Fact cards can also be collected and give clues to the challenge quiz and nuggets of information about the world.

What happens when all stars are collected?
Well done! When a world is complete, your child can download a pdf certificate to say they have completed the world.

Does it cost anything?
The universe is totally free to play. Children can access the worlds of Top Trumps, where they will find mini-games, Top Trumps games and fun facts to interact with and play until their heart is content without you having to worry about subscription fees or costs.

How does my child sign up?
Registration is simple. Your child chooses a character and a name for that character. We advise that real names are not chosen, as the name chosen will appear on leaderboards for all to see. Once the character is chosen, we ask for a password, age and email address. If your child is under the age of 13, we request that they ask your permission to enter your email address for all correspondence.  Do remember to check your spam when looking for this email.

What will Top Trumps Universe email me about?
Top Trumps Universe requires an email address for you to verify the account – this helps to keep the site secure and safe – we want real people to sign up, not robots! We will occasionally contact you with important updates in the world, such as new worlds being added, new games or exciting new competitions   We will not pass your data on to any 3rd party.

Is there any interaction between children in the Top Trumps Universe?
No, the character does not come into contact with any other registrants of the site. Your child is free to roam the universe and explore all by themselves, earning the stars to keep as personal achievements.

How is data protected on the site?
All data that we collect during sign up is sent to us by a secure encrypted transfer. It is held within a secure database and we will only contact you with messages related to the game, or information about Top Trumps competitions and new pack releases.

How can I keep my child safe online?
All children should feel safe and secure when they are online. We feel that the Top Trumps Universe is a great environment for kids to play in, but if you have any doubts, why not register an account and try it for yourself?

Who can I contact if I have a problem?
You can email or write us a letter to Top Trumps HQ. Head over to our contact page for the details!