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Unleash the Force of Top Trumps Volcanoes

Unleash the Force of Top Trumps Volcanoes

Scientists use Top Trumps to unleash the power of volcanoes.

Some of the planet’s most destructive natural phenomena will be appearing in living rooms across the country this Christmas as the Earth’s volcanoes are given the Top Trumps treatment.

Fans of the iconic series will be able to pit the destructive forces of Krakatoa, Cotopaxi and Vesuvius against the unpredictability of Yellowstone, Etna and Eyjafjallajokull thanks to a special limited edition of the game.

Working together with STREVA Project, a group of volcanologists at the Universities of Plymouth, East Anglia and Oxford came up with the idea of using Top Trumps as vehicle to educate people about the devastating trail of destruction created by past eruptions and the potential havoc that might be caused by future ones.

To get your hands on this explosive, limited edition Top Trumps pack, click on the button to the right to be place your order online.