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Volcanoes Top Trumps – Digital Edition

Volcanoes Top Trumps – Digital Edition

Volcanoes can both inspire and destroy and now aspiring volcanologists can go online to play their way to a better understanding of these powers, thanks to a new digital version of Volcano Top Trumps.

Created by scientists at the University of East Anglia, Plymouth University and Oxford University, the Volcano Top Trumps card game was unveiled last Christmas to motivate young and old to learn more about the world’s most awe-inspiring volcanoes.

The opportunity to pit the power of the mighty Fuji against the crackling Wow! of eruptions from Stromboli proved hugely popular and now, the digital version provides a free tool that  can bring the devastating impact and natural wonder of thirty of the planet’s volcanoes into the home and in classroom.

The game’s creators, all experts from the collaborative project STREVA (Strengthening Resilience in Volcanic Areas), have ranked them based on six categories – explosivity, deadliness, devastation potential, height, unpredictability and wow factor.

This game has both a ‘traditional’ Top Trumps style game but also additional games which extend both the entertainment and the educational value of the game.

The online version will also feature two additional games to help build players’ knowledge of the featured volcanoes.

The ‘quick quiz’ can ask questions from the card statistics but also develops knowledge of the volcanoes, their eruptions and even their plate tectonic setting. ‘Bank or bust’ is more of a game for fun but is highly addictive.

The team is also producing educational resources to help teachers get the most from the Volcanoes Top Trumps cards, tailored to some of the learning outcomes at Primary and Secondary school.

Tom Liddell, Top Trumps Guardian says, “The opportunity to partner with these historic institutions to develop a Volcanoes pack based upon their expert knowledge was too good to pass up. As the World’s No.1 educational card game, it’s important to make our packs accessible to all, and the creation of an online version gives that access to students and volcano enthusiasts of all ages a fun learning experience. The game engine has been designed specifically to be engaging, and most importantly allow friends to compete against each other to find out who is really Top Trumps!”

The game launched this week and can be found HERE